Buried Cable


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Buried Cable

Have had a few suggestions on this. Would like ya`lls. Have a 200amp switch box below meter. Need cable to stubby pole 75 ft away want it buried . Idea`s on size and type of cable. sugested to be in PVC good idea? Thanks for your time.
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Could you provide some more information on what you are doing? So far, your description is too vague to warrant a complete answer.

For a 200A underground feeder, you can use 3/0 USE-2 copper cable or 3/0 THWN individual copper conductors in rigid PVC conduit. There are some other options with conductors as well. Depending on expected load, you may have (or want) to upsize to 4/0 to compensate for voltage drop. Conversely, you may be able to downsize to 2/0 if this is a dwelling feeder. It's all in the details.

Regardless of cable type, you must use rigid conduit to protect the wires when they enter and exit the ground down to the bottom of the 24" deep trench.
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more info

The feeder is planed to supply 1 RV 24ft trailer Does have a 13500 ac unit. also a 14 by 30 ft cabin 2 a/c window units 1 10,000 and 1 18,000 30 gal.water heater. Cooking will be with propane. An arc welder may be used if possible. Forget size Cracker box not huge. Would like to have a bit over kill here for safety. I change service on my home and replaced knob and tube wiring 2 yrs ago but didn`t have need to run this much underground. Hope this helps and thank you very much for your time. Oh this is a wkend get away on land we inheirited. Hunting and fishing thing Thanks again WP
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Oops. Thought I was in a diffent thrad.

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Wrench- 2/0 cu or 4/0 al conductors (we use URD cable for this). The neutral can be undersized. 2" PVC conduit for up to <4/0, 4/0, 2/0> conductors.
A ground rod is required for panel at stub pole, more likely two.

Rusty, please post to a new thread as your question is unrelated to Wrench's situation.

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