LPG clothes Dryer to Electric Clothes Dryer


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Exclamation LPG clothes Dryer to Electric Clothes Dryer

Hi I hope somone can Help I just bought a House that had a dryer hookup for propane :*(Just a regular household 2 prong and a ground, outlet
Please correct me if I'm wrong
All I have to do is Run a Dedicated 120/240 v line and recipticl to a newly added 30amp Breaker( I have to add that also)in and empty spot on the panel.
The dryer is a 120/210v 26 amp 60HZ
also if anyone knows of a Web site that shows the breaker install that would be Great! Just to be safe
thanks for your time
Please hurry My wife does not want to go to the Laundermat!!!
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You need to add a new four wire circuit. The four wires are two hots, a neutral and a ground. If NM type cable is allowed where you are then you can use 10-3 w/ground (usually just referred to as 10-3). You need a 240 volt breaker for your panel which will require two adjacent open spots in the panel. You then need a four prong dryer receptacle.
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Why a 4 prong receptacle.? when the Dryer has only a 3 prong????
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All new dryer circuits must be four wire. You will need to buy a new cord and plug for your dryer to attach it to the new receptacle. these are available at most hardware stores and are installed by following instruction provided by the dryer manufacturer.
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Thanks Alot !!!! I didn't know That
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You will also need to replace the dryers cord with a new 4 prong cord.

Dryer circuits were once (up till 1996) allowed to be three wire...no ground.

The ground is the fourth wire for todays dryer circuits, and makes for a safer installation. Before 1996, dryers were allowed to be grounded to the neutral wire, which is how your dryer is currently configured.

When you replace the cord, you will need to remove a strap or wire that connects the neutral to the dryer chassis. Refer to the dryers manual (if you have them) or contact the manufacturer for instructions.

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