Track light installation


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Track light installation

I have removed an overhead lighting fixture in my bathroom. It had three wires in the box. Two whites that were secured to each other and the fixture. There was an orange that was secured to the fixture. There appeared to be no bare ground wire.

I am now trying to install track lighting. On the track side of the connection, there are also three wires. Green which is the ground. and a black and white. Because the colors do not match up, I have encountered a problem. I connected the green to the orange. The black to one white and the white to another white. This blows the circuit. Obviously, not a correct connection. It did come on briefly and appeared to be hot wired before the circuit went out. What are the proper connections?

This should be simple, but I am having a little difficulty.

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NEVER connect a green grounding wire to ANYTHING other than a green wire or a bare wire. That's a good way to get electricuted. Guessing is another good way to get electricuted.

Do you remember how the orange wire connected to the old fixture? Do you remember how the two white wires connected to it? (Possible answers I'm looking for: to the fixtures black wire, to its white wire, to a gold screw, to a silver screw, etc.)

Are there ANY other wires in that box? It makes no sense to have two whites, and only one other wire (and an orange one at that). Any chance there are some more wires shoved up into the ceiling box that you did not mention?

Obviously, if the two whites were connected together before, they should stay connected together. Most likely, they should connect to the white of the new fixture. I suspect that orange wire is connected to some other wires in the box with a wirenut. Good chance it connects to black.

If there is truly no ground in the ceiling box, cap the green wire and don't use it. Again, let's get this right though...don't just guess.

If these three wires are all that are in the box (shine a light up there and make sure NO wires are shoved up in it), then a few questions come to mind:
How old is this house? Is this wiring in conduit? Does the house show signs of goofy DIY work? Is there any chance you are wrong on the colors of these wires (maybe they are old and discolored)?
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The orange wire is your hot wire. The white wires are the return. Connect them to the black wire and white wire of the track light, respectively. Connect the green ground wire to the metal box.
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Thanks very much

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