same old problem


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same old problem

I think i asked this before, I have a couple of outlets and 3 light fixtures and 4 switches all on the same circuit. The 4 switches control the 3 fixtures plus one of the outlets. Nothing works at all . This happened suddenly around the same time huge construction equipment began rolling down the street and vibrating the house. I have checked that the breaker wasn't tripped, and reset it all the same. all 3 lights are connected properly as are the switches. outlets as well. could the circuit breaker simply have failed? The wiring in the house is aluminium

any help here would be great
I have tested every point on the circuit with a two wire tester and there is no power at any point which leads me back to the breaker. am i right in thinking this way??
I have no intent to change the breaker, i'll hire a professional to do that.
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Yes, in fact you've asked this twice before here, once on August 23 and once on October 21. Did the suggestions you received on either of those two occasions help any?
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It is a very quick test for an electrician to verify that the ouput lead from he breaker either does,of does not, have power. From there, logical troubleshooting will procede.

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