Hot Tub Service Install ?'s


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Hot Tub Service Install ?'s

I'm getting ready to install 50 amp 220 gfci circuit for a new hot tub and I have a few questions I need answered.

I'm going to run a trench from my shop to a post near the tub and put a disconnect switch on the post and flex conduit to the tub, all straightforward...

The shop end is where I have the questions.

In the shop I have a panel with a 100 amp main and plenty of open slots, currently there is a 50amp 220 circuit for my welder and a 50 amp 220 for the heater and then 6 or 7 20 amp 110 breakers for lights and recepticles.

My question is - is there a limit to how much I can run without increasing the main? What I want to do is add a 220 gfci breaker circuit for the hot tub....
The box says it's rated for 125 amps . Do i need to increase my main to 125?

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

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First a caveat: Spa wiring has a lot of special codes, and this job is not normally considered a DIY job. If you haven't already, visit your library and read all of article 680 in the NEC. If you don't understand it completely, you might want to get professional help.

Wiring this spa to the subpanel is allowed, but perhaps not a particularly good idea. You'll certainly have to shut off the spa breaker before doing any welding. You seem to be saying that there are already two 50-amp breakers in the panel, and plan to add another. But maybe you really meant that there is only one there before the spa. I'm not sure what "heater" you are talking about, the spa heater or some other heater. If the heater is not the spa heater, then this is an even worse idea.
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Yes, I think you need to rethink where you power the tub from.
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Yup, Kind of what I thought! The Heater I mentioned is a set of baseboard heaters I actually have never used, and the last time I used my stick welder was like never... So I'm really wanting to know if I can pass an inspection if I add a 50 amp 220 gfci circuit to this box - understanding that I would plan on keeping both the heater and welder circuit off (as they are now) when the hot tub is on...I can easily remove the welder breaker and probably never miss it but it would be a nice thing to have on rare occasions..

Thanks for your help

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Yes, you could probably pass inspection. Be sure to include these details on your plans when you submit for the permit, and ask your inspector before you do it. Most inspectors will make themselves available to answer specific questions, as long as you don't bug them to explain how to do the job. Note that just because the building department approves the plans with these details does not mean that they agree to approve the resulting installation. They don't always look that closely at the plans. This is why I advise also asking the inspector directly.
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You could always disconnect the 50A baseboard heaters if you never use them. That should leave you okay for the hot tub.

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