switched duplex outlet - updated info

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switched duplex outlet - updated info

I have a duplex outlet that is wired to a switch. The switch is dedicated to this outlet only. Is there any way I can wire (or alter) the outlet so that only one plug is operated by the switch and the other outlet remains hot all the time? I pulled the outlet and it is hooked up as follows: there are 3 wires coming into the box (ie: each w/ white, black & grnd)2 wires have the white wire connected to seperate screws on the same side of outlet, the black wires are joined together w/ wire nut along with the white wire from the 3rd wire. The black wire from the 3rd wire is connected to opposite side of outlet from the 2 whites. Hope this helps. thanks
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You entered this same post four days ago. Please continue this conversation on that thread.
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