rewiring 220 to 110


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Michael press
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rewiring 220 to 110

alright, my wife just asked me to rewire a 220 outlet we had for an airconditioner we don't have anymore to 110 for a lamp. Is it possible and any suggestions. Thanks.
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If it has 4 wires ( probably red/black/white and bare ) you could do this. You would not use one of the hots ( lets say the red one) . At the outlet, you would then use the black, white, and bare ground. NOW, back at the breaker panel, you must remove the double pole breaker. Tape off the red wire. Replace the breaker with a 15 amp single pole, using the black wire.
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Most likely, there are only three wires at that 220 receptical, and their colors are black, white, and bare. In that case, the black and white are BOTH hot, and the bare is, of course, the ground. There is NO neutral. Also, most likely the breaker feeding this is either 15A or 20A, double pole.

To make this a 110 receptical, you need to change the white wire from a hot wire to a neutral wire. This means removing the current breaker (probably either a double pole 15A or a double pole 20A), installing a new single pole breaker in one of the freed slots, connecting the black that was on the old breaker to the new breaker, and connecting the white that was on the old breaker to the neutral bar (ie, where all the other white wires are). Now you will have an empty slot in the breaker box. You either need to install a second single pole breaker there as a spare, or install a blank to cover the opening. Actually, I think code *may* allow you to leave the double pole 15A or 20A breaker in place and just move the white wire, effectively using just "half" of the double pole breaker. I'd like the resident code guru's to comment on that.

As for the amperage of the new breaker, if the old double pole breaker was a 20A, and the wire involved is 12 guage, you can use a 20A single pole breaker. If the old double pole breaker was a 15A and/or the wire is 14 guage, you must use a 15A. (You may opt to use a 15A breaker even if the old one was 20A.)

Once all this is done, just install a standard duplex receptical in place of the old 220 receptical.

Note: If the wire colors you have differ from those I am assuming, do NOT proceed. Colors other than white are NOT allowed as neutrals, at least not in the context of what you are doing.
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You don't need to change the double-pole breaker to a single-pole breaker. Leave the double-pole breaker there and just move the white wire off the breaker and on to the neutral bar.

This all assumes that the existing double-pole breaker is either 15 amps or 20 amps.

And of course you still then have to change the receptacle.

Don't kill yourself working inside the panel. Even after you shut off the main breaker, you can still die by touching the wrong thing, or even just by being careless when removing the panel cover.

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