I missalign my Intermatic Timer?


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I missalign my Intermatic Timer?

I did the stupidest thing today regarding that day-light savings time. Well, I was trying to move my intermatic timer back an hour so I unscrewed the pointer (i know it clearly says do not unscrew) enough to move it to another time. Now I messed up the alignment with the ticker that turns off when in contact with the on and off in the back to turn on the equipment. How do I align it back??

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As closely as you can, reverse the previous operation. Then wait until the timer turns on or off and see if it agrees with your watch when it does it. If necessary, make another adjustment to compensate.
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On Intermatics you adjust the time of day setting by pushing on the dial and turning.

At this point, you need to turn off the breaker feeding it so you can disassemble/reassemble. There are too many bare wires lurking to work on these live.

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