Above Ground Pool Outlet Problem


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Above Ground Pool Outlet Problem

Hi again all...i have an above ground pool filter that plugs in to an outdoor outlet...i notice last year that it would take me about 10 min to jiggle the plug to get it to start the pump.(no on/off switch) i also noticed that the same prong always would have a black kind of burn look to it...i replaced the end 3 times but always the same kind of black mark....is it possible there is something loose in the box itself that needs to be tightened or a loose wire?..the recepticle box is supported by a piece of wood which shakes a bit...thanks for your help......rob
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Likely. Replace the recepticle. You might also have too light of wiring for it.
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i agree with classicsat, your filter pump if it has a label that specifies how many amps it draws or a wattage consumption, this will determine if your wiring is under rated, also is there any other device using this circuit will add to the problem of over-current being consumed. the formula for finding amperage is: wattage divided by voltage = amperage so 2000 watts/ 120 volts=16.66amps. goodluck and be safe!
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Two problems here: the receptacle plug is undoubtedly loose from all the jiggling, and burned as well.

Most important, you are using a plug as the off/on. This is a no-no for almost any type of motor. The large motor starting current is undoubtedly causing an arc every time you plug it in. This causes a burn spot on the plug and receptacle, and the connection gets worse every time you do it.
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As one said the recepticals are not for switching but I also suspect your over loading the receptical. Make sure the circuit is heavy enough and use 20 amp receptical and plug, you could use use time clock with ground fault protections with pool equipment. Not a cheap solution but a safe one.
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The cord and plug should be the one supplied by the manufacturer of the pump, and the receptacle needs to match. For most above ground pool pumps these are usually 15 amp.

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