Rewiring Question


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Rewiring Question

I am restoring my recently deceased Mother's home. It has the old fuse type service instead of a breaker box. I am putting in a new central system & will need some rewiring to accomadate it. My question is, instead of piggybacking onto the existing 100 amp fuse box with a separate breaker box for the new ac, would I be better off just changing over to a new breaker system entirely? If so, what all will that require? I won't have to pull all new wire will I? Thanks in advance.
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When changing over a fuse panel to a circuit breaker panel it is not required that the rest of the house wiring be brought up to date. It is generally required that the new panel be properly grounded (if it isnít already) and of course the existing service entrance wire needs to be properly sized for the installation.

However, this is usually not a job for a do-it-yourselfer. There is much involved with wiring a breaker panel and the power company needs to be involved. This is a job best left for an electrician.
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To change out a panel box requires that the main power be turned off. Which means pulling the meter. Which means the power company must come out. Which means that you may have to be an electrician to be authorized. But I'm not sure. You may have to at least consult with your local electrical inspector to see if you can do the job if he comes out to inspect after. The job sounds pretty straight forward if you are converting 100 amp to 100 amp.
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If you are going to the trouble of a service upgrade I cant see any reason not to go to 200A, the equipment cost difference is minimal and the poco has to bring in new wire which is a big +. I have seen cases here where going from 60 to 100 where the power company used the same wire from the tranny. Many homes do not use all that much power but a wire upgrade on the incoming is always a good thing in my opin. I have 400 and got right with the poco engineer and nailed him on the incoming wire size, the cost to do 400 was small, another panel and a trough but now every electron is coming in on a wire the size of your thumb instead one the size of your ring finger or less.

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