no shut off


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no shut off

hi im a noob but anyway i would like to add a few breakers to my panel but there is no main breaker in my panel and there isnt anywhere to shut the power off every thing from the meter to house is directly connected any help would be appreccated thanks nate
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Does your panel seem to have two sets of breakers, ie. six or less large breakers up top, plus several smaller breakers underneath? (It may be what they call a split-buss panel.)

How old is the house?

What brand name is on the panel?
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theres 9 breakers in all 6 signal pole and 3 double pole house is 1968 the main wires are at the to of each row panel is homline theres a total of 12 spaces
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You need to have one of the three:

1: A disconnect (either inside or out) before the panel.

2: A main breaker in the panel, either at the top of the buses, or a backfed breaker along the others (it must be bolted down)

3: 6 throws rule. A urning off a maximum of 6 breakers kills the entire house. A Split bus panel falls uner this, where you have up to 5 two pole breakers to supply heavy 240V loads (range, dryer, WH, A/C, etc), plus a 6th that switches the lower half of the panel, where the breakers for general purpose circuits reside.
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In most homes, there is no way to completely deaden everything in the panel without having the power company come out. You always have to be very careful when working inside the panel.

Best bet would be to take a digital picture of the inside of your panel, upload it to a photo-hosting site, and post a link here. Also, post the make and model number of the panel.

By the way, on most keyboards, there are two "shift" keys, one in the lower left and one in the lower right. Then there are two keys in the lower right with a "," (comma) and "." (period) on them. These things are really helpful.
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You don't have any room to add breakers.
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yeah i was going to replace 2 with the slimline or half breakers,i dont know the technical name

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