Romex + Great Stuff (ie, expanding foam)


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Romex + Great Stuff (ie, expanding foam)

I'm planning to use some expanding foam (Great Stuff) to seal some small areas in a wall which separates conditioned and unconditioned space. There is some Romex runnng through a couple of the spaces that I need to seal.

Is it OK to allow the expanding foam to come in contact with and/or cover the Romex?
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I've used it many times for many years to seal off the holes in top plates with NM cable. Never have had a problem. Never have given it much thought.
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The manufacturer (Dow Chemical) lists sealing around insulated electrical wires as a recommended usage, so I assume it has been tested on NM cable. I've used it around cables with no ill effects.
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Didn't even think about trying their website. I guess they wouldn't show this picture if it wasn't OK:


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