Safely repairing an extension cord


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Safely repairing an extension cord

I have a 75 foot extension cord that is badly damaged in the middle of it's length. Is there a way to safely repair the cord?
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Buy a male end and a female end at the hardware store, cut the cord at the damaged spot, and turn it into two cords.

You should really only use a 75' extension cord when you need 75' worth of extension anyway. This way, when you only need 35', you just use half the cord.
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Originally Posted by GaetanoL
Is there a way to safely repair the cord?
Yes, but as mentioned, it's probably cheaper, and easier, and convenient to make two cords out of it.

Make sure you put new cord caps on properly. It may seem like an idiot-proof thing, but the majority of those I see (including installed by "electricians") are not done right.
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Unless this is a heavy duty cord you will probably find it cheaper to throw it out and buy a new cord.
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racraft is correct, the 2 quality ends will cost as much or more then a new cord.

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