Box in Attic?


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Box in Attic?

In my mothers house someone wired a bedroom ceiling fan by cutting an exisiting cable, then splicing off it power to the fan. None of the connections are in a box, rather just lying on top of the ceiling joist connected with wire nuts. At least they used wire nuts. Found this out when fan stopped working right & mom wanted a new fan. FYI, the problem was with the fan getting old, not a short or loose connection at the splice.

I think I know the answer, but here is the question: Can I have a connection box up in the attic, without access from the bedroom? The cable runs across the bedroom ceiling and there is no slack or ability to somehow run diagionally to bring that connection into the box at the fan. Basically I want to put a simple connection box up there, then put a cover on it, but not cut into the drywall of the ceiling. I also really, I mean really, do not want to rerun the entire cable from where it starts in one outlet box to the other across the room. All of this work would be in an attic area that has only about 3' height clearance & I have to crawl about 30' just to get to that room. Not a fun ordeal.

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You can install a box in the attic. Since there is no slack in the wire, you may need to install two boxes. Put one end in each box and connect them together with a new piece wire. The boxes can be one foot apart if that works for the cut wire. You must have at least six inches of wire inside the box. You don't need to cut them into the ceiling. As long you can gain access to the attic that is good enough.

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