grounding rod placement for 200amp panel


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grounding rod placement for 200amp panel

I am installing a 200 amp electrical box on a barn that I have built. It is 100ft from the nearest electrical pole where the power company will make the connection. I have been told by someone that I need 3, 10ft grounding rods connected with copper grounding wire. I don't know where to place them in the ground though. I assume one should be pretty much under the panel but how far away should the other 2 rods be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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They should be at least 6 feet apart.
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Depends on who "someone" is, and on what the codes are where you are, and on how your inspector feels today.

But the "normal" way would only require two (not three) rods 8 feet (not 10 feet) in length, driven vertically until the top is flush or below ground, six or more feet apart.

There are other grounding requirements too, but you only asked about grounding rods, so that's all we've covered so far. Is there a metal water pipe serving this barn?
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Will there be any livestock or other animals residing in this barn? If so, the NEC may have a few special requirements to follow such as an equipotential plane to be installed.

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