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Red face Another spa ???

Hi fellow diy'ers
I'm puttin in an air bath and have an old place. The bathroom, the only one we got, has a seperate 20 amp outlet. From the circuit box, the wiring is sheathed in metal piping, aka conduit?, and at the bathroom itself the piping comes down from the ceiling and into a metal box. The box is wired with only a red and a white wire, so I'm assuming the conduit is the ground. From this box, a separate box is connected by some flex piping to a gfci outlet, which we use for hairdryers or vacuums. My question is can I run another flex wire pipe from the first box to a new gfci box under the sink? I know the air bath itself will only be used by itself and not when anything else is being run, such as a hairdryer. Thanks for the help and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...
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As long as the manufacturer does not say that a dedicated circuit is needed, and as long as this one receptacle is the only thing on the circuit (check receptacles in the garage, basement and porches to make sure they are not on this circuit), then you can do this. Whether or not it's a good idea depends on how accurate your assessment is that nothing else will be used concurrently.

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