GFCI Breaker Trip


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GFCI Breaker Trip

Hi, Recently ran a new circuit out to a detached garage. Ran 12/2 outdoor cable in PVC conduit into a junction box in the garage. Have 2 outs going to 2 other boxes, which then go to 4 outlets, 2 switched light fixtures. Connected the GFCI Breaker in the circuit box, and it keeps tripping. Removed neutral and hot wire from the breaker it works fine. Regular (non-GFCI) breaker works ok. I assume I might have some wires touching in one of my junction boxes? Any help on where to start troubleshooting would be appreciated.

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Divide and conquer.

If it works with no wires, disconnect at the center of the circuit. If it doesn't work, then the problem is in the first half. If it works then the problem is in the second half. Split again where the problem is. And so on.

The only thing that will make the breaker trip with nothing plugged in is a short between the neutral and a ground. Check that all ground wires are far back in the boxes and that the neutrals don't accidentally touch the boxes or the ground wires.

By the way, some inspectors might fail you for using cable inside conduit.

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