Using indoor cans outside??


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Using indoor cans outside??

Our builder framed our exterior soffits (overhangs) smaller than the plans. As a result, we ended up with small, what we believe to be indoor, canned lighting units. They constantly burn out and when I looked for an exterior rated light to replace them with, I found there are none. The electrician says they are fine and installs these outside all the time (we've heard that story plenty of times during the construction of this house). I am sure he does not want to have to replace them. We have only been in our house 5 1/2 months and some have been replaced 3 times. It's getting expensive. How can I tell if this is a violation of code, if they are a hazard, or if he is just a marginal electrician. My painter said he has never seen these lights used on an exterior before.

We also are experiencing a large incidence of lights on our interior main floor burning out. The electrician says it is the poor bulbs the supply company gave him. I say not. He also says it is normal for the garage gfc to trip when we try to plug in any electric tools. But then why wouldn't that be the case in our kitchen, on the other side of the wall?

We have had a nightmare building this house, much worse than any other story we've heard. How can I prove something is wrong. No other new house around us is having this problem.
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I have moved your post to this forum, which is where it belongs and where it will get more attention from electricians and the like.

There should have been final inspections done before the certificate of occupancy (CO) was granted. These final inspections should have caught mistakes like you are suggesting may have been made.

I would contact the agency that granted the CO and discuss your concerns with them. You may need to get an electrical inspection from a competent electrician or electrical inspector and then, if problems do exist, contact your lawyer.

You probably should go ahead and contact your lawyer now.

As for bulbs burning out, bulbs burn out because they are cheap bulbs, because the have to high a voltage applied, or because they get shaken. Have you measured the voltage feeding the house?
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we had a similiar situation at our office where the canned lights burned out every 3-4 weeks. It was assumed that the problem was excessive vibration or high voltage. being a steel frame and poured concrete floors at 20% occupancy i would think that it was high voltage. Anyway, started using GE 130 volt lights, problem is gone. They are a tad more expensive than the 120's but still cheaper than replacing the bulbs once a month. Even if it is vibration, the actual filament in the bulb is thicker than a 120, so that problem should be cured as well.

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