Fan Wiring without ceiling pre-wire


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Fan Wiring without ceiling pre-wire

We are trying to install a fan with light to a room with no exisiting light or pre-wire in the ceiling. The current light switch powered an outlet prior to our adjustment to the wiring. We are working from a switched circut with a red wire going from the outlet to the light switch, We deleted the red wires and changed out the outlet to by pass the switched circut. We are trying to add a fan and light using this circut. We have all white wires tied together in the switch box. The black wires ( hot wire in and out and a leg from switch ) are tied together. The other leg from the switch (blk) goes to the fan. The circut works( all outlets ). But as soon as we turn the switch on it blows the breaker. We have even by passed the switch and went hot to the fan this blew the breaker also. All outlets seem to be wired black to gold and white to silver. The breaker is a 15 Amp. We seem to be getting a power back feed but we can't figure it's locaton. We are familiar with wiring but don't work on it often. Any idea what we are doing wrong?
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We would need more description of the switch box wires, but it sounds like the situation may be this: As switch box is one of the times you may find a white wire which is NOT a neutral. It is part of the switch loop, the switched hot to the receptacle. It sound like you do have the switch wired to connect a hot and neutral together: not good.
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Tell us all the wiring. The wiring at the switch. The wiring at the receptacle. Tell us where and how you connected the new wire and tell us how you wired things at the ceiling fan/light.

Your problem is that you shorted a hot wire to either the ground or the neutral.
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You both are right. I had wires where they didn't belong. I followed your advise and things are now operating properly. Thanks for the help (you saved the evening!)

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