outdoor light fixtures/photocell


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Question outdoor light fixtures/photocell

I'm trying to determine why the two outside entry lights won't turn off. They are always on, wired together and there is one photocell controlling them. The other 3 pairs of lights on the entryway on the building work fine. (4 pairs on the building) We replaced the photo cell/sensor and it didn't solve the problem. Could the fixtures be at fault?.....The guy that was helping me on this but just as confused as I was, mentioned that the ballast on the fixtures were not wired with the other wiring. I didn't think there were ballast on these type fixtures. They are regular incandescent type fixtures, not flourescents. The ballast he showed me was a small black box under the rim of fixture. Does anybody know a good website that speaks of these photocells. They seem to be very tempermental. We have outdoor floodlights (6) using 150 watt bulbs that burn during the day. These are also on a photocell and I have to replace that one. I'd rather that these lights just hook up to a timer. But I will have to learn more about them. Thanks for any info
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If the photocell is not wires in then it can't possibly work. It sounds like the photocell was bypassed, perhaps intentionally.

Contact the manufacturer of the lights for information in how they should be wired.

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