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does anyone know about "e-heat" electric baseborad heathers?

does anyone know about "e-heat" electric baseborad heathers?


Old 11-23-05, 07:38 PM
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does anyone know about "e-heat" electric baseborad heathers?

I was considering installing electric baseboard heat in my house and ran into this compnay that makes these square shap base board heaters and they look very nice, something that i am considering to buy . .has anyone used or heard about these heaters? see (www.eheat.com)
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Old 11-23-05, 08:44 PM
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I just ordered a couple last week - haven't received yet as the company has been experiencing a large demand and has about 2 weeks backlog. The "testimonials" are pretty impressive and if they work anywhere close to the claims, I'll probably put them in every room I can.

Old 11-26-05, 10:20 AM
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I have no experience with these heaters, however their website sets off my BS detectors big time.

They are electrical resistance heaters. Their efficiency will be exactly the same as any other electrical resistance heater, converting electrical kWh into thermal BTU at a rate of 3412 BTU per kWh.

They make a big deal about how much less it costs to run their heaters versus standard baseboard heaters. Their heaters use less electricity, but this is because they produce less heat. With a thermostat, the higher wattage heater will use more electricity _while it is running_, but will run for a smaller fraction of the time.

They make a big deal about how they don't use fans, which they suggest waste energy...but that energy just shows up as heat in the room anyway.

There are several benefits: lower peak temperatures, lower instantaneous power consumption meaning smaller circuits and wire, radiant heat which _might_ make for reduced heat required (the radiant heat might make you feel warmer and more comfortable without needing to heat the entire room), prettier, etc. But IMHO the website stretches the truth a bit.


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