Is there current passing through coax cable line?


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Is there current passing through coax cable line?

I got a good quality one to four video splitter so tonight I got up to the attic and disconnected the old splitter. Nothing unusual.

Then I connect the new cable IN, then one by one I connect the cable OUT. When I get to the last one I felt a strong tinkling on my finger, you know when you rub your shoe on the carpet a few times and go touch a metal railing? Yes that feeling...I dropped the splitter. Is it static? I don't know. So I touched the splitter, which at that time has the one IN cable and three OUT cables connected, and nothing, it's OK. Then I let go of the splitter and touch the last coax cable connector - I touched the splitter with my left hand and the remaining cable connector with my right hand, yes I feel it again. What is going on?

I then left the attic and when to the other end of that cable, which was at the time plugged into a VCR, which in turn was connected to the TV and they were running. I unplugged the connector on this end, went back to the attic and no more problem. So I hooked the last connector up.

Then I came back down and put the cable connector back to the VCR.

What caused this? Does this mean I have an electrical problem with that TV or VCR?


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Your TV might be faulty and is throwing some voltage back into the coax. You need to use a meter on it to see if thats the case.
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Maybe something in this link can help.
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The quoted thread's post from user trinitro about voltage if the cable company provides internet access requires more explanation. In my experience, cable companies use baseband to send power to inline amps, but they would only send power into a dwelling if they had an amp inside.

If for some reason they did this they would have to provide a DC Block at the grounding block.

The other thread idea about polarity reversal seems most likely.

If you've eliminated other possible causes and have a few hours to kill, Google "Stray Voltage".

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