GFCI will not reset when load wires are connected


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GFCI will not reset when load wires are connected

I am installing a 15 amp with 20 amp feed through GFCI receptable on a 20 amp circuit in my kitchen. I have the line wires connected to the line terminals and the load wires connected to the load terminals. I have also connected the ground wires to the ground terminal. After doing all this the GFCI outlet does not work. If I just connect the line wires and not the load wires the outlet works fine. However, when I connect the load wires I cannot reset the outlet. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Eirher you havea true ground fault on the load side, or you have miswired the load side somewhere on the circuit.

You need to figure out the problem.

Divide and conquer. Start with half the load side. if the problem persists then break that half in half. If the problem doesn't exist after you split the circuit then it is in the far half. Divide and conquor again...
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This reminds me of a problem I had a few years ago that drove me nuts. I had about a 75 foot service going to a swimming pool outlet that was tripping the GFIC breaker constantly. I did everything I could think of. New breaker, new outlet. Even megged the wires. Checked the pump motor even though the breaker was tripping with nothing plugged in.. Nothing was wrong. I pulled the wires back out of the conduit. Examined them for any type of cuts, nicks, etc, nothing. I did notice that for some reason the wires were twisted around each other a bit. I straighten them out and pulled them back in and it was fine.
Could the wires being being twisted have been causing unwanted inductance in the circut that made the breaker believe it was seeing a ground fault?
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Thank you for the comments. There is only one other receptacle on the circuit so I went there and found one of the wires to be not completely under the screw. I certainly wasn't expecting any problems there since it was an original outlet (1975) and all the outlets worked fine before I replaced the old outlet by the sink with a GFCI. I reconnected the one wire under the screw and everything is working fine. I feel pretty fortunate nothing was miswired. Thanks again for the help.
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Is the circuit a multiwire perhaps? If so, it won't work.

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