replace GFI


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replace GFI

I have two restrooms and an outside receptacle on one GFI circuit. The reset switch is in my upstairs restroom.

I'd like to replace the current receptacles with ones that have the GFI reset switch at each location (especially the bathrooms) as is typically done in newer houses.

1. Is this possible with the current wiring?

2. Will this create any major problems or is it simply removing one and replacing it with another.

3. Any other issues I should be aware of. I've replaced the majority of the receptacles and switches in my house already but haven't touched the GFI's yet.

Thanks for the assistance.
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1- yes
2- you will need to put all the wires in the upstairs GFI on the Line terminals. Do the same for each there after. That will give you a constant feed and prevent you from running up and down the stairs.
3- no
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You can add GFI's on Every Outlet - However, when one trips, you will be having to go to every GFI to find out which one is Tripped -- its more work than what its worth...

Think of it like this.. Draw a straight line on a paper end to end - On the left side write begin and on the right side write end... Now draw small vertical lines up and down representing every outlet... Lets say you have 6 small vertical lines... If one of the GFI outlet trips and lets say its on the 3rd outlet - that means no pwr from there to the right side of the paper... My point being is -- all you need is one at the #1 spot that protects the rest of the outlets... That way if you have no pwr, you know exactly where to go...

But to your question - it can be done... I think if you replace all with GFI's you will be fustrarated looking for the tripped GFI...

Also, you have to know how your house is wired, not all outlets are on the same line which is controlled by the same breaker... You may have 5 different straight lines on a paper with its own breaker controlling that string of outlets..

I hope I didn't confuse you.. Good luck on what you decide....
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traindisp is confused.

MXSparx has given you correct information. Make all your connections to each GFCI at the LINE terminals and the only GFCI that will trip is the one where the ground fault occurred.

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