[backup portable emergency] generator


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[backup portable emergency] generator

I need an opinion. I have a 50 amp outlet on by closed-in back porch. I want to feed my 7500 watt portable generator into this outlet to in turn feed my electrical panel for emergency power. I know that it is IMPERATIVE not to let power back-feed out of the home and into the grid. As long as my main breaker is off before I hook up the generator to my panel can anybody see a problem with this setup? I only plan to run 120 volt circuits and I plan on balancing my emergency load in the panel so that the generator is loaded evenly. Thanks in advance for your answers. I value this site greatly. Keep up the good work.
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There is NO "imperative". This is UNSAFE and ILLEGAL!!!
DO NOT hook up ANY generator this way. I don't care how safe you think you can or will be.
If you do ignore this advice and do it anyway you can be assured of legal action if you get caught. You can be assured severe legal action if someone gets hurt because of it.
This is a REAL issue!!! Please don't take it lightly.

You MUST install some sort of interlock device or panel to hook a genset up to a home or power panel.
You can use a main breaker interlock or GenTran/Raliance type manual transfer panel as an easy solution.
Look in the links thread at the top of the electrical forum for good information.
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First off, it needs to be a four wire outlet, forget it if it is a 3 wire. You need to have a male connector connected to your interlock, which connects to the generator. You cannot use a male-male cable. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may need to switch neutral from the utility supply to the generator, as well as the two hots, which means you will need a transfer panel.

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