Surge protector/transformer hang crooked


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Surge protector/transformer hang crooked

Got a little black square transformer plugged into a surge's the AC adaptor from the phone...........and the prongs from it are all the way IN, so no safety issue there, but it hangs slightly off to one side.........unless you push it up with your finger............let go, and it hangs again. is the adaptor heavier on one side? Is the inner plug of the surge protector crooked? I think not on the second one, because then the adaptor would not seat in there so snugly..............Any theories/reasons for concern???
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The adapter is 2 prong, the recept. is 3 prong and neutral prong is larger than the hot. Since there is no ground on the adapter it is resting at the lower point of each slot in the recept.
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True! Thanks!
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It sounds like the receptacle on the surge sporessor is wearing out or is worn out. You might try slightly bending the prongs of the trandformer away from each other at the far end. This may make it a tighter fit.

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