Light Switch Question


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Light Switch Question

When I turn on some switches in my home I here a slight pop, and can see sparks if it is dark. There is some electrical interference as well when this occurs i.e: The televsion will get a interference, you can here it on the radio.
Do I just need to replace the switches, is there a bigger problem, or is this nothing?
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EVERY switch creates a small spark when the connection is made and when it is broken, if there is a load on the circuit. The connection is more easily visible when the lights are off because it is dark. When the lights are on the spark is still there, it's just harder to see.

Different switches may or may not lessen the spark. They also may or may not lessen the interference with the TV and radio.
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WHAT switches where? And what TYPE of switches? A light switch doesn't cause the interference you speak of to any degree *I* am familiar with. Motor switches can be quite something else from all the arcing that goes on between the windings and commutator of a motor. I sat here turning on and off a light switch and not one blink occured in the tv. - even if when I flipped the toggle real slow to intentionally create a delayed connection.

Please, posters. Be clear about exactly what you are talking about. Diagnosing stuff is not easy when you don't get exact on what you are trying to say.

Edit: I just tried another switch while the tv is on, and this was the bathroom switch with the light AND bath fan coming on at the same time. Not one blink, dot, or line on the tv screen.

Then I went back in there in the total 100% black darkness (could not even see the hand in front of my face. Never saw one spark. What happens is that the moment the light switch is turned on, the room is flooded with light. Therefore, at the momnent you are expecting to see a spark when the contact is being made is at the same instant the light comes on in the room and would mask the spark.

In conclusion: I think this guy has something wrong. If it was just one switch, I'd say to replace the switch. But he uses plural. Unless these are some 1940's light switches that made contact some different way.

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