Combinaton Device - Switch & Receptacle

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Combinaton Device - Switch & Receptacle

Please tell me if I have this correct.

I want to run 12/2 WG from a junction box to a combination switch and receptacle. I want the receptacle to always be hot ant the switch to control a ceiling light.

Ground Wire: I'll run a pigtail from the receptacle, a pigtail to the metal box and tie them to the ground from the FEED and the ground to the LIGHT.

White/Neutral Wire: I'll run a pigtal from the silver screw adjacent to the silver screw on the receptacle portion of the device and tie it to the white wire from the FEED and to the white wire to the LIGHT.

Black Wire: I'll run the black wire from the FEED to the brass screw adjacent to the receptacle portion of the receptacle. Then, I'll connect the black wire from the LIGHT to the brass screw adjacent to the switch. I'll hook nothing to the other brass screw that remain adjacent to the switch. There's a little metal tab between the two brass screws on the switch and receptacle. I assume that feeds (if that's the proper terminology) the switch from the receptacle.

I'm assuming if I removed the tab from the above set up that the receptacle would work, but the switch would not turn the light on and off because I've just disrupted the hot source to the switch, right?

Now the receptacle should always be hot and I should be able to switch the ceiling light on and off.

Now a question of curiosity... The diagram on this box shows an X with a circle around it in the middle of either the white or black wire for various hook ups. What does that X with the circle around it mean? Does it mean that when the switch is turned off that the circuit is broken?

Thanks for helping me to understand.
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Everything you said is correct.

I'm not sure the answer to your question because I can't see the diagram. Usually a circle with and X in it means "don't do this".

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