Switch problems


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Switch problems

I have a light switch in my attic that runs two lights. When I bought the house, there was a box for the light switch, and out of it came more wires that were only wire nutted together. I tried to remove the jumper wires and "clean it up" by putting everthing in the box, but now the switch only works when it is turned on, when turned off it trips the breaker. The switch has two silver screws and one ground. The wires from the feed are 1black, 1white, and 1grnd. The wire coming from the lights is the same. I tried to hook two blacks, two whites, and both grnds together, but that is wrong. What is the correct way, and do I need the extra jumper wire? thanks
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1) Connect all of the bare grounds together with a wirenut. Connect a ground to the switch ground screw and to the junction box if it's metal.

2) Connect all of the white wires with a wirenut.

3) Connect the black wire from the feed to one of screw terminals on the switch.

4) Connect the pigtail (short wire) to the other screw terminal of the switch .

5) Wirenut the two black wires from the lights and the other end of the pigtail together.
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It was actually tripping the breaker when you turned the switch on. If I read your description correct you now how two cables in the switch box.
Connect whites together.
Connect grounds together and a pigtail to the ground on the switch.
Connect one black to each screw on the switch.
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Thanks for your help, I will try it tomorrow. WIthout a metal box, the grnd screw on the switch should be ok? Also, both lights are joined down the line, so I only have one wire (white, black, and grnd) coming back from them. Just one less wire to join. Thanks again.

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