fish tape?


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fish tape?

im trying to run 12/2 bx from my attic into my about a 10 foot run straight down..i located 4 other lines running down this wall to my i figured it would be very simple to just push the new bx down the wall..well i was un-sucessful after trying for 1 hour....i ordered a 1/4 fish tape .from you guys expeirence will i have better luck using the fish tape...the wall only has insulation in it..{fiberglass}
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A fish tape will work, but a fish stick usually works faster. You can usually make one yourself, too, if you have a long dowel or stick, or even the thread-together-able rods like what come with a rifle cleaning kit. What you can use depends on how much room you have above you (or below you) while trying to push in into the space.

I have a set designed for the purpose from Greenlee, called GloStix (they glow in the dark.) I use them a lot more often than I do my fish tape in most residential settings. The fish tape is best for conduit, usually.
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thanks mac...i dont have much room,its an outside wall...ill wait for the fish tape to arrive and hopefully that will do the trick...i have plenty of time,just trying to get the line up there for my attic fan install in the spring...thanks again
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May I ask why you are running ( BX..which I think you mean AC cable ) ? Are you located in a part of the USA that requires metal cable for residential wiring like Chicago,IL and so on.

Or is it just an older home that was wired in the old style BX?
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yes electrical man i mean ac..i call it bx cause as a kid growing up i always remeber my dad saying bx...i live with in the new york city 5 borough area,and we can only us ac cable inside the house...the city doesnt update codes here,they only raise taxes every 6

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