Attic Wiring


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Attic Wiring

i just ran a 12/2 wire into my attic for an attic fan and a few lights..would it be safe to install a on/off switch at the begining of the line in the attic to kill the line if i have to service the fan or lights...that way i dont have to do it from the breaker in the basement,and i would feel safer working on the fan with the switch in the off position in my sight,not 30 feet below where someone could hit the breaker....also would a regular 2.00 on/off switch be alright on a 12ga 20 amp line...i will also run a switch at the fan to kill the fan at the fan,unless there is a switch right at the fan...i havent got the fan yet cause i would be needing it till spring time...thanks for the advice
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I can't see nothing wrong with it, just from a common sense standpoint, as long as that $2 switch can handle full line wattage. If switches can turn on bathroom lights and bath fans and the GFCI outlet, or turn on 1/2 the walls recepticles with who know what someone might plug in, *I* can't see nothing wrong with it, and have a feeling that you can't see nothing wrong with it either. I'd probably do the same thing.

At least you got a reply from somebody.
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Don't know what happened to my post, so I'll try again.

Don't ever rely on a switch to cut power so that you can work on a circuit. Even if you know how the circuit is wired this can be dangerous. Always use the circuit breaker to cut power.

In my house it is far more likely that someone will turn on a switch than that someone will turn on a breaker that is shut off.

A switch is allowed to be less than the rating of a circuit if the current through the switch is less than the load.

Go ahead and put a switch to control the fan, I would. It can probably be a 15 amp switch, but I would go with a heavy duty and/or commercial grade variety, and not the cheap bulk ones that might be okay for a light or other small load.
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thanks guys...i understand your piont ra and will take your advice..i will run a switch for the attic fan,and a switch for the lights but use the breaker as the main far as the attic fan as i said im not familiar with them ,from what i understand they have a thermostat ,so i will put a switch so i can cut it off for the winter time...thanks again...

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