Permanent Recessed Night Light Install


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joe james
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Permanent Recessed Night Light Install

I am NOT an electric expert but have managed to get by over the years replacing switches, etc, by always making sure I turned the breaker off and simply following the instructions on whatever I was installing.

I have what I would assume is a common situation that is not covered by the instructions on my device. I am installing a Cooper permanent recessed night light. It has a night light on top and one outlet on the bottom.

My home is relatively modern and each outlet box has duel wires coming in the back. Each of the two groups of wires coming in the back of the outlet box has a black, a white, and a ground. The grounds are twisted together and each of the other wires connects to the back of a duel outlet electrical plug.

However, my new nightlight/single outlet device only has one black, one white, and one ground wire on the back. I tried just wiring off one set of black and white wires. That worked to make the light and outlet on the new switch functional. However, the rest of the outlets in the circuit around the room now do not function.

In my other bedroom, the rest of the outlets don't work AND the new night light doesn't work. I can't be the first person to try mounting this in an outlet box that previously had duel plugs...but the instruction don't mention my situation.

I'd really appreciate an electrical expert telling me how to wire this thing in AND have the rest of my outlets in the room work.

Thanks very much for your expertise and time!

joe james
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Hi Joe,
connect all the whites together in one wire nut, and connect all the blacks together in another wire nut. Just use a pigtail from each wire nut to your device for your power connections. Add another pigtail (green or bare) to the grounding conductors.
On your device attach the black pigtail to the brass screw, the white pigtail to the silver screw, and the grounded pigtail to the green screw.
Good luck!
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joe james
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just to make sure I understand?

Andy -

I am not exactly sure what a "pigtail" is. However, rather than having the normal brass and silver new nightlight/outlet has a black, white and green wire in the back. Can I simply wire all three black wires together, all three white wires together, and then wire the new green wire on the device together with the ground wires that are already twisted together in the box?

Thanks again!

Joe James
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You 1st turn off power,make a joint in the white wires & pigtail one wire off this goes to the white wire on the new device. Do the same with the black ones.You should have now only three wires going to your new device.A bare ground, a white, a black. The reason the rest of the room stopped working is you broke the circuit.Look on the side of your old receptacle, in between the screws there is a piece of metal.This previously connected both blacks & both whites. Hope this helped
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Yes sir, make sure you twist all wires tightly with pliars.This is what is called a pigtail joint
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joe james
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Thanks to Andy and Sharpeye -

I understand what to do. Sharpeye...that makes sense about the metal on the side of the old plug device...thanks!

Hope Santa brings you everything you want this year!

Joe James

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