What kind of voltage meter for residential DIY wiring?


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What kind of voltage meter for residential DIY wiring?


I need to replace a couple of old circuits. Everything is accessible from the crawlspace. I think about a regular voltage/ampere/ohm meter to check the wiring during the replacement and after I am done. What would be a good product for this?

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You will realizes far more reliable voltage-readings with an "analog"-type instrument where the angle-of-defection of the "needle" is proportional to the voltage-value. Because digital-type instruments "amplify" very minute input values,very minute because of the very high inner-impedance placed across the testing points, a digital meter will detect, and amplify, minute "stray-currents" which result in a "phantom" voltage-reading.
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I recommend you buy a $2 neon circuit tester, an $8 outlet tester (plugs in and has three lights), and a $15 voltage "tick" tester. Then you can use a cheap multimeter to distinguish 120v from 240v, and to test continuity with the ohmmeter.
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My favorite tools for this consist of the Tick tester, as John mentioned, and a Wiggy, which is a solenoid that reacts to incoming voltage. Many electricians use these religiously, as they are very reliable. You can buy them at Menards, Home Depot, etc.

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