A few electrical questions


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A few electrical questions

I have an outlet that was working fine and is now getting like 47 volts and not 110. Could this be a rat chew condition where the neutral is shorting to ground?

I am moving my hot water heater 220 and was wondering can I just splice in a box or do I have to run a whole new wire? The splice is no more than 5 feet and the outlet is 3 wires. My codes would be in Pennsylvania if that helps.
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"47 volts at receptacle"---- check for a GFI protective-device in a "Tripped" mode. Where is the receptacle located.

Connecting the conductors of the existing cable to the conductors of a new cable in a J-B new cable is permissible.

You must verify the existence of the required Equiptment Grounding Conductor.You mention a 3-wire cable-- is this 3 insulated conductors, or 2 insulated conductors and a bare Grounding Conductor. The connection to a 220 volt W-H is 2 insulated conductors.
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Put away your digital voltmeter. The 47 volts you are reading is phantom voltage. You either have an open neutral (most likely) or an open hot (less likely).

Your task is to find the open connection and repair it.

You can splice an additional five feet of cable to the existing cable. It must be at least the same size wire (it can be larger gage, but that makes the connections more difficult), and the splice must be in a junction box that remains permanently accessible.
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