Attaching big wires onto the neutral/ground bar

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Question Attaching big wires onto the neutral/ground bar

I have an old meter/panel combination. No brand names that I can see, but the breakers are Zinsco. The service is 100 Amps. Since the bus bars are too short for all the code-required circuit breakers, I put in a GE subpanel and ran all the necessary circuits into it. Now I have to connect the panel and subpanel. A power company lineman was kind enough to install a 100 Amp main breaker (no longer Zinsco, but supposed to fill in for Zinsco), and another, identical 100 Amp breaker to tie in the subpanel feeders. He removed the old 100 Amp breaker, which had failed, and some of the circuit breakers that I can do without; this removal freed up the necessary space.
Meanwhile, I acquired 2 AWG for the three power cables and 4 AWG for the ground. I also have 6 AWG for connecting to grounding rods.
Problem: the 100 Amp breaker will take in the 2 AWG cable, but the neutral/ground bar has no set screws that will accept 2 AWG or even 4 AWG. I think they will accept 6 AWG because they already had the range circuit with that size wire, but no more. What do I do now, short of replacing the whole panel? Is there a way to reduce the neutral to an acceptable size?
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You can buy lugs to fit the wire and the bar. It's large enough for #2 conductors. Has 2 attachment points, legs or whatever you want to call them, that fit under the screws in your existing bar. So if you have 2 empty spots side by side on the neutral bar your good to go. Not sure if home centers carry these lugs but your local electrical supply house will.
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Making sure that I know what the connector does

Thanks. It sounds like it receives one big wire and attaches itself to two small openings in the bar. Any more specs that I may need to describe it to the man at the counter?
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Of course I cant find the type I described to you (I am terrible when it comes to brands and part numbers) but here is a simialr one made by Square D. For this one, you remove the standard set screw in the neutral bar, place lug over same spot and secure using screw provided (its same thread slightly longer) and your set.
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Can't find where the neutral from the service is attaching

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll research it at my favorite electrical supply store. Meanwhile, I have been looking over the old panel and I can't see where the incoming neutral is attaching. Not to the neutral bar. Somewhere else?
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HD has the neutral taps that MX is referring to...I picked one up just the other day...they are on the wall where the breaker panels are located, just below the display are the ground bars and the Neutral least I know they carry ones for Square D, not sure if they are interchangable between brands.
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Cool. I'll pay a visit to the Evil Orange.

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