Running Copper electrical wire...


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Running Copper wire...

Recently had to have my copper wire replaced in my two-story home. I come home to find that the wire is run outside of the house covered halfway with a silver gutter (The house is white and the previous wire was inside the wall). According to the contractor, the ONLY way to run the wireis outside and that is is impossible to re-run stiff copper wire through the prior space. Now I have a half-covered silver streak down the street exposed side of my house. Two questions, 1) Is this true? ( it seems unbelievable) and 2) what other solutions are available to me? Thanks for your help, I am a bit lost on this.

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yes it true the wire cant be run in walls unless you want to take walls off when they put the wire in a new house they go through the studs in wall before the covering of them sorry there . but as far as the wires out side they can have a sheet metal cover made with paint grip metal so you can paint it and paint wont come off and it wont be a eye sore
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RE: Copper Wire

Thanks Lenny.

Is it not also true that in homes with aluminum siding that it is relatively easy to take down the siding, cut into the plywood to install the copper and replace (comparted to say a brick home)?
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hey kevin,i can think of a few possibilities,depending on your wall inside,if it is drywall,you could just cut a trough wide and deep enough to run th wiring,tape it up with dry wall tape and compound,if its paneling carefully remove either the single plank,if its tongue and groove just cut the male side with a utility knife and pop the board out using putty knives,when done, an adhesive like liquid nails,or what would be my preferance rather than go outside would beto run it in a corner of a room,cover it with a product called wire-mold or similiar product used to hide the wire,depending on the wire,also if you run it in a corner .i have taken 1x4 ,ripped 45degree angles caulk the edges and it gives an appearance of a corner like a moulding,personally ,my thought the way it was done wasnt given much thought and was a time saving measure.hope you work it out,you dont seem happy

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