Coupla SPILL questions.....!


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Coupla SPILL questions.....!

spilled iced tea near computer monitor, hard drive tower, printer.......maybe only a few drops got in, maybe not, not a massive amount...........all function normally. any safety concerns? corrosion, etc.......

and yes, the tv is near this other stuff!
spilled iced tea, may have splashed some drops into the back. maybe only a few drops, maybe not, not a massive amount.........functioning normally. any safety concerns? ditto dvd and vcr...........

paranoia factor: dried iced tea contains electrolytes i think........will this corrode and make anything go spark or anything in the future....? i usually have the computer shut down, the tv also, dvd in standby, all connected to different surge protectors! HELP!
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I wouldn't be worried about that; it takes a lot of fluid to short out most electronics.
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If you do spill or splash a liquid onto any electronics, do not tun on power until you are sure that the liquid has evaporated. There will be much less of a chance of a short circuit.
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I've dropped multiple cell phones in the sink or toilet, let them dry out completely and they worked just fine, so I would't worry too much as long as you let the electronics dry out before using them.
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righto. i spilled iced tea all over a surge protector once, unplugged and replaced it asap.............never gnats butt eyeballed any of the prongs for goo on them, but judging by the splash pattern, none got onto the outside ends of the plugs............all gear working okay............i do NOT have the $$$ to replace all this reason to tho i guess.
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