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Red face 4-way switch

I can do 3-way switch okay with power either going to first switch or light fixture but have never done 4-way. Understand I need 1 four-way in the ckt but need a diagram how to wire it in. Thankyou.
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You can put any number of 4-ways between the 3-ways. Just hook them up in series on the two travelers. For example let's say you have supply and a 3-way to the west. 3-way and fixture to the east. Travelers are black and red. So on your 4-way you just terminate black-west, black-east, red-west and red-east.

Just google 4-way circuit. Here's the first hit I got:

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If you are running a new circuit with four ways and having trouble getting all the switches wired properly, then add them one at a time.

Connect the travelers at each four way location with wire nuts (two wire nuts, so that the travelers go straight across). At the second 3 way connect one traveler with the common wire.

Start with the other 3 way. Make sure that when properly connected it functions as a toggle switch. Reverse the two travelers and make sure that it still functions properly. This first three way is now wired properly.

Then install the second three way. Make sure that the light is on or off with all four possible combinations of the two three way switches. The second three way is now wired properly.

Install the four way switch. make sure that the light is on or off with all combinations of the switches.

Repeat the last step for each additional four way.

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