Workbench Electrical Outlets


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Workbench Electrical Outlets

I am building a large workbench on casters so I can move it around the basement as needed. I wanted to include several outlets in the bench to accomodate my power needs. If I get an extension cord with 2 male ends, plug one end into a live outlet and the other into my small battery of outlets in the bench, will it energize all the other outlets? Thanks.
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A double male extension cord is very unsafe. When just one end is plugged in, the other becomes an exposed electrode just waiting to kill someone. Even if you think you will always use it correctly, what if one of the kids accidentally unplugs it?

The correct way to do this is to buy a length of SO-type cord (10 or 12 gauge) and a single male plug. Wire the cord directly to the first receptacle on your cart and attach the plug to the end of the cord. This way, your cart becomes like an appliance with an attached cord that you plug in.
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I knew my idea seemed too easy. I didn't think about the exposed end being electrified, but that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the suggestion of how to do it, that is an excellent idea!
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Please make sure that you use appropriate cable for the cord off the bench. Regular NM or UF cable is not suitable for use as an extension cord.

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