Breaker Cross Reference


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Breaker Cross Reference

After checking around in vain for a Grouse-Hinds 20A SP breaker, a big electrical supply store said that Murray took them over and that Murrays would work as a replacement. Then a more local store said that Cutler-Hammer would replace some Murrays.

I'm looking for direction. Is there any type of guide or reference that tells which breaker can sub for another? Do I need to remove a breaker from the panel and go to the stores in search of a match? I'd rather not resort to this.
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There's a lot of conflicting information out there. Breaker manufacturers tend to claim that their breakers can be used in many of their competitors panels, but panel manufacturers say that only their own breakers may be used in their panels. This leaves one without any information you can trust.

Always prefer an exact replacement. You should not need to remove a breaker and take it to the store (but that's not a bad idea). You should be able to copy down all the information off one of the breakers in the panel and use that.
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Electrical equipment manufacturers change hands or are bought-out so often its hard to determine whos associated with who.This allows the buyer to manufacture the other co's equipment.All the major manufacturers have a breaker style that will fit in a Murray panel.....but according to the NEC one brand of equipment shall not be used in another manufacturers equipment.All too often I go into a house & find a Murray panel using Murray,Bryant,G.E & Crouse/Hinds breakers all in the same panel.Sorry to be so long winded but this is an issue that has always puzzled me {& many others I'm sure}.I suggest using your best judgement when selecting breakers.As long as the breaker fits tight onto the bus I see no problem an inspector may see it differently

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