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I need some help. We have a home that is 20 years old and only has 1 GFCI in the whole house and it is located in the masterbath. Every year when we put our Christmas lights up and run our space heater in the bathroom it trips the GFCI. Well this year it tripped it and it won't reset. Everytime I press the reset button it pops back out. It is not tripping and of the circuits in the breaker box that is located in the garage. We had changed the GFCI out with a new one and it still doesn't work. It is baffeling us because none of the circuits are tripped. PLEASE HELP.
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You have an open on your circuit. It is very common for a high load (high current draw) to cause an open circuit. A space heater is a high current draw item. More often than not it is the neutral wire that opens, and not the hot wire. Often the open is caused by a failed back stab connection. A receptacle tester will confirm that you have an open neutral.

To find the open, you will need to open every receptacle, light, or other junction box on the circuit. Look for a wire that is loose or disconnected. Redo every wire nutted connection and move any back stabbed connections on receptacles or switches to the screw terminals. You must check everything on the circuit, even those that are working properly.
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In addition, a gfci will trip at about 700 milliamps, thereby giving personnel protection. If this open occurs, there will not be enough rise in amperage to trip a 15 or 20 amp breaker, but it will cause the differential necessary to trip the gfci. The reason it won't reset, is the fault still exists and must be corrected before it will reset.
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Replace the GFI,they go bad. Look to see if theres any wires on the load side. If so you have more GFI outlets then you think? If not like I said change it out and you should be good to go.

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