Re-routing wiring in soffits


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Binary Bob
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Re-routing wiring in soffits

I removed the soffits above my kitchen cabinets, and found 4 wires routed through the soffit up to the attic space.
Should I re-route these through the studs, into the attic using boxes?
(That would look fairly stupid, but it IS just the attic), or bite the bullet and hire an electrician to rewire the length?
What would be the proper and safe way to do this?
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A junction box or two in the attic is just fine. The rule is that the j-box must be permantently accessible without removing part of building structure. It can be covered in insulation if in the attic. Exposed wiring in the attic must be protected by a 2x4 or other such framing member if: 1) your attic has a permantent stairway; 2) the wiring is in a location that can be stepped on or otherwise damaged by storage; 3) the wiring is within 6' of the scuttle hole.

With a j-box in the attic, you only need to rewire from the attic j-box down to the lights or receptacles that the original wires went to.
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I interpret what you are saying as the wires come through the attic, down through the fir downs (rather than through the top plates) and then down to outlet or switch boxes. If there is not enough slack to re-route them through the top plates, you could use junction boxes in the attic. If the area where this is has a hip roof above it, you will want to get away from that so that the boxes will be more accessible. If you go this route, be sure to put covers on the boxes and use the proper wire nuts.
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Binary Bob
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You've made my day!
J-boxes it is!
One less added and hidden expense in an already frustrating kitchen remodel.
Thanks guys....

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