Holiday Christmas Dollhouse Electrical Problem


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Holiday Christmas Dollhouse Electrical Problem

I am using a plastic battery holder that came with (20) twenty white mini lights , it holds two (2) "C" batteries. When I install any type of switch (either a push button or a regular on/off switch) the batteries become hot and drain the batteries. And one time, it actually melted the plastic battery holder . The switches are electronic switches from Radio Shack. Without the switches the lights run fine. Some rooms I am not using all of the lights , they are series circuit lights and can be cut down , spliced and used as just a few , not all 20 at once. The rooms don't need all 20 lights , one did though.
It seems like the switch it putting too much of a load on the batteries (I also tried it with a (9) nine volt battery, with the same results .
I have four different rooms to do and he battery problem is killing me . my kids and I have spent a week building it !

Thank you and Happy Holidays and New Years To All !
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You need a different switch. Try a mechanical one, not an electronic one.
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Like a Home Depot type of home switch ? Thanks for the reply !
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The switches should be wired in series, so when you turn off the switch it opens the line.
It appears your wiring the switch across the power and shorting out the battery's.
Make a drawing and you will see that your shorting across the battery's
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What GWIZ said. Cut one of the wires coming from the battery box. Attach one cut end to one side of the switch and the other cut end to the other side of the switch.

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