Wire Nuts


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Wire Nuts

Does anyone have an opinion on push in wire nut connectors? Good, Bad, etc.
(Not to be confused with push ins on outlets)
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They're okay I guess, but still not as good as a wire nut. And a whole heck of a lot more expensive than a wire nut. So it looks to me like a solution looking for a problem. Why bother?
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If you are talking about the new (in the past couple of years) yellow connectors for up to four wires, they do have their place. Wire nuts are more secure, if (that is if) you can be sure that all of the wires are fully under the nut when the nut is screwed onto the wires. Sometimes that can be difficult.
The yellow connectors are designed for a range of wire sizes and they seem to hold the wires quite securely, unlike the "backstab" of an outlet or switch. I have used them when I have had to rewire a box where the wires are too short to get a wire nut on securely.
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I keep a full assortment on my truck. I have some of two brands, Wago and Ideal, from 2-holers to 8-holers. Some are for solid wire only, but some will accept "rigid stranded" if you can get it in just right. But realistically, they are for solid wire only. They are extremely handy, as mentioned, when repairing something and you have less wire in the box than you can easily attach a wire nut to, or when you know the box is already going to be stuffed pretty well, as the wagos use much less box space per connection.

Just like with wire nuts, they can be abused, so (just like you should be doing with every wire nut) double check every one for proper connection and tight fit.

They are also handy when you know you'll be adding another wire at a later time because you don't have to undo any wire nuts to add something, just make sure you used a wago with an extra hole available.
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The only time I use push on connectors is if I'm splicing large groups of fluorescent lighting.I would not recommend them for devices or where there is more than 2 circuit wires to be connected
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