how to crimp ground wires?


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how to crimp ground wires?

Hi, I am in the middle of wiring up my basement,and have a couple questions regarding ground wires. I was hoping someone could help me out.

here is what I was told:
When I have more than 1 ground wire coming into a box, I have to twist them together, including pig tails to each device, and then crimp them for good measure, so they don't come apart.

1. If I have a double gang box, with each device inside on a different circuit, I assume it is OK to twist together all grounds, and put in 2 pig tails. (1 to each device) All the grounds are connected in the breaker box, so I assume it doesn't matter that they are coming from different circiuts.

2. In double or triple gang boxes, do I need a seperate pig tail for each device? Can I just have 1 pig tail, then "daisy chain" the grounds from the first device to the second, to the third?

3. In one place I have a triple gang box with 3 switches. There are 5 grounds coming in to this box. If I have to make 3 pig tails also (1 to each switch), then that is 8 wires to twist together. Is there any other way to do this? It is going to be a pain to twist up that many wires, and I don't have any crimps big enough to fit around 8 wires anyway. Any advice? Can I crimp together 2 sets of 4 wires, with 1 extra wire in each connecting them both?

Thanks a bunch for any advice!
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1. Not only is it OK to do this, it is a requirement to do so. And you need a connector, such as a wire nut. You can't simply twist them together without a connector.

2. You can only place one wire under a screw terminal. What you can do is use a long pigtail wire, and loop it around all of the device screws, so that you go from one device to the next, etc.

3. Yes, you can have two different sets of ground wires pigtailed together.
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Thanks a bunch, that answers all my questions.
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Or if you still have trouble with the wirenuts and jumpers go to one of the big home centers and give these a try.

They are made by ideal and gardner bender. I dont promote them over wirenuts just that they can make things much easier for the diyer when dealing with lots of wires in a box. They come in configurations from 2 to 8 wires for 18awg to 12awg solid copper
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There is a specific green wire nut with a hole in the top, which allows for the twisting of grounding wires, leaving one longer for attachment to the switch/receptacle by running it through the hole in the top.

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