Range cord for dryer?


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Range cord for dryer?


My dryer was delivered this morning and it's plug didn't match my wall receptacle. The delivery person said I had a range receptacle and I should have it changed to match the dryer plug.

I went to a hardware store and told them my delimma. They said I can just change the dryer cord to a range cord. I asked if the voltage would be a problem and they said no, it's both 220V and it should be fine. I asked two of their associates and both said the same.

Is it really safe to just switch the dryer cord to a range cord?

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Whoa slow down. Something is not right here. You cannot install a range cord on your dryer. You need a dryer cord on your dryer.

Why is it that the cord did not fit? The dryer should have come with a 30 amp four wire cord and plug, if it came with any cord at all. Your house should be wired with a 30 amp 3 or 4 wire dryer receptacle.

Please describe the receptacle you have for your dryer. Also, what size circuit breaker powers this receptacle, and what size is the wire.
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It's an older home and the old dryer was plugged into that receptacle.

The face of the receptacle reads, 50A 125/250. It has three prong holes that looks like an arrow pointing down. The new dryer plug is three prong, the top prong "L" shaped.

As far as circuit breaker and wire size, where do I find that info?

Thank you.
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Look at the circuit breaker panel and determine which circuit breaker powers the dryer. it will be a double wide breaker. It will have a number on it indicating the size of the breaker. The number will be 30 or 40 or 50.

To determine the wire size you will have to look at the wire. If it is in a cable assembly (such as NM) then there will be writing on the cable assembly indicating the size.

Now for the bad news. You cannot plug your dryer into this receptacle, even if you put a range cord on the dryer. Your dryer requires a 30 amp circuit. it is against code to and unsafe to use a circuit larger than 30 amps for your dryer, and it is against code and unsafe for a 50 amp receptacle to be on a 30 amp circuit.

As a minimum, the receptacle needs to be changed. You will also need to change the circuit breaker if it is larger than 30 amps. If at all possible you should probably change the wire as well, and you will have to if for some reason it is smaller than 10 gage.
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Aw darn. I need an electrician for that.

As for the reps at home depot... hmmmm, what were they thinking.

Thank you for your help and saving my home!
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Originally Posted by disoriented
As for the reps at home depot... hmmmm, what were they thinking.
Although there is an occasional tradesman who works at HD for some extra money, most of their employees have absolutely no training. Never, ever, ever trust what a home center employee tells you; their job is to tell you whatever you need to hear that will cause you to buy more stuff. The store policy is such that they will never say they don't know; they will make something up before they tell you ask a professional.

Sorry if any of you out there are HD employees, but some of the things I have overheard reps telling customers in those aisles are mind-blowing.

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