Abandoning an Island Outlet


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Abandoning an Island Outlet

I currently have a built in kitchen island that has an electrical outlet in it. We have removed the island and will be placing tile where the island was to match the remaining tile flooring. What is the best way to abandon the outlet wiring. After removing the island, there is a 1" conduit protruding about 2" above the slab. I'm assuming I have to chip down into the slab a little and cut the conduit. What do I do then with the existing wiring in the conduit?
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find the breaker, hope it doesn't feed anything else. turn it off, disconnect the wiring , cut and label so as not to allow future connect. cut flush at the floor. if the breaker feeds something else you will need to locate the connection point and disconnect there. arn't slab houses fun ?
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Thanks for the info flopshot. Yes slab houses are so entertaining. I've determined that the outlet to be abandoned is on the same circuit as the refrigerator and at least one other kitchen outlet. The wire going to the outlet to be abandoned is fed from the outlet. So, I've disconnected the black and white wires and capped them with wire nuts, and labeled them as abandoned. Because of the lengths of the ground wires it will be difficult to connect the needed ground wire directly to the outlet. It is wrapped around the uneeded ground wire, which is then connected to the outlet. Can I leave the ground wire intact without disconnecting it?
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Once you've found the other end of the wires going to the former island, you should cut them off as short as you can (including the grounding wire), and push them out of the box they are in. This ensures that they can never be reconnected.
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RDUN your good as is. I may even leave a foot or more and fold it over and tuck it into the pipe flush and cover with duct tape. Then take mesurements so if ever needed in the future you can find it. You may decide that the island added much needed counter space? If ever needed it will be there.

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