1 feed into 2 boxes.


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1 feed into 2 boxes.

I bought a house that has an in-law apt in it. They have seperate services for each side of the house but some things are wierd like the furnace is on the main but the hot water heater is on the apt.
Anyway, is there an easy way to get rid of 1 of the services and just connect the 2 boxes together so I have a main and a subpanel? or do I need to hire someone for this.
The boxes are right next to each other but I wasn't sure IF I can just run a wire over to the second with the main breakers on the box off, and if that is the case should I use a certain gage? or if I need to turn the services off while I do this or is there a breaker outside I can turn off. I can do basic electrical like running cable, installing switches and outlets, but I have never really messed around with boxes other than putting a breaker in. I figure its probibly costing me an extra $25 or more a month to have both services going so I would like to get them combined to save some cash. Any sugestions?
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First let me ask this, are you paying two seperate power bills for the two of them? Because if not I don't see how you will save any money. You will still be consuming the same amount of power if you put it all on one panel or not. So if youre thinking that its costing you more money to have an extra panel, I dont really think so.

Anyways to anser your question thoroughly my friend who is a electricla contractor is coming over tomorrow and I will get him to type exactly what you need to do out so you dont burn down your house or crispyfry yourself :P
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It seems to me that the way to handle this would be to remove one of the meters (if there are in fact two meters) and to make the connection changes at the meter box.
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When you say that there are two separate services, does that mean that there are two separate service panels? Are they connected to two separate meters, or both to the same meter?
If they are on separate meters, you should have an electrician do it because you will be disconnecting wires from inside a meter box. That requires pulling the meter, but there are still live wires in the box. The power company will have to check it and seal up the meter again.
You will also have to determine what the design loads are on both panels. That requires a thorough knowledge of the NEC. There is no simple formula to figure it out. It involves several sections of the code. The calculations must be made to determine if: the cable from the pole to meter socket and then to primary panel will be large enough to handle both design loads; whether the primary panel can handle all of the loads.
An electrician can probably just look at the loads and the cables and make that determination. Electric water heaters, dryers, ranges and space heating are the big loads to be concerned about.

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