circuit breakers


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circuit breakers

Whats up everyone,
I'm adding a circuit to my panel and I need to know if I can put any old 20 amp breaker in. The ones that are in there have no name on them, but they say type QL. I purchased new ones that are square d "homeline" type HOM. They seem like a good match does the "type" matter?
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I am not an expert but.
turn off the main first
most panels will take other maker breakers
i have a westinghouse panel with squareD and GE breakers
take out one that you dont need while you go to your supply store
wire nut any loose connection always secure the front cover
call an electrician if your not sure
match it up to the new one

if it looks like it will work try it.
with main power off.
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No you cannot put any old breakers in your panel. This is unsafe and dangerous. The advice mastergasfitter is providing is wrong and dangerous.

You must buy breakers approved for your panel. The easiest way to do this is to buy breakers manufactured by the panel manufacturer and listed for the panel.
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The information posted here by gasfitter is incorrect and can be harmful. The panel itself MUST state it will accept other makes and designs.

I have uploaded a sample spec sheet of allowed examples but DO NOT follow the information posted in regards to just putting it in...that is incorrect.

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Most panels will take several other manufacture breakers
IE reliance panels will take squareD westinghouse ge breakers.

i told him to take out an old breaker and match it up and buy new ones since there isn't any makings on the breakers or panel..
furthermore any electric work being done should be with a licenced electrician
and this forum should never give advise.
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My license and qualifications allow me to give professional advice. However I cant give advice like " if it looks like it will work try it." without posting a response to it...thats our job as moderators.

DIYers are coming here for advice....this is why experts in the industry like myself can give advice on things as the safest line of defense is..since most are DIYers...they are going to atleast attempt and we try our best to keep it safe in the attempt.

I would love for everyone to consider a licensed electrician but the reality is when a user comes here they are going to be a DIYer and our job is to make sure the information they get is correct based on our experience and training.

No worries however my friend....we got ya covered !
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