Adding a ceiling fan/lite froam a electrical plug outlet


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Adding a ceiling fan/lite froam a electrical plug outlet

Hello All:
I am a newbe here and need some good electrical advice. I want to add a ceiling fan/light to a room that only has one electrical plug outlet. Yes, i do have access to running the romex into ceiling and wall for a switch but here is the million dollar question??? The oultlet i want to come off of has two lines of romex coming into plug box. 2 black wires and two white wires and ground is to the metal box screw???? When i run wire from this outlet to switch wall outlet first do i pigtail the connection and run (2) lines into wall switch then to ceiling fixture(fan-lite). I guess i am confused abot two lines coming into old outlet box, i thought there would be only one but hey I am en electrical moron who shuts off all power to do stuff like this. any advice would be beneficial. thanks alot.
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There is nothing strange or unusual about two wires into a receptacle box. one cable brings power in, the other take it out to go to another receptacle or light.

Just connect all three black wires together with a wire nut and include a pigtail to the hot side of the receptacle. Do the same with the white wires to the neutral side of the receptacle. And finally connect all grounds.

Your new wire runs to the witch and then to the fan/light. or you can go to the fan/light first and then to the switch. I recommend three conductor (plus ground) cable between the switch and fan/light so that you can power them separately if you wish.
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electrical question

Hey Bob :
thanks alot.

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